Joining is a technology especially used to make large wooden panels and kitchen shredders. It is a new and environmentally friendly technology that provides a high-quality product finish and helps eliminate raw material losses in a very high percentage. Even if the finished product is a bit more expensive, the results are on the table. The panels can be made from both the whole lamella and the joint in the tooth, with lengths of up to 3 m and widths of up to 0.9 m. They can be used both as kitchen countertops and for other destinations, according to the customer’s requirements.


Beech wood choppers and panels can have different colors or can be treated with oils. If you wish you can give up the oil and the products will be white; the oil gives a reddish color to the wood. Usually, kitchen choppers are treated with oil, and customers usually want it.


The beech wood needed to produce kitchen choppers, panels and small furniture comes from managed forests according to international requirements and standards. The manufacturing process is environmentally friendly because we use state-of-the-art technology to protect the environment. Wood resources are carefully managed, and sawdust and wood remains left behind by the production process are used as caloric energy for heating.

Product life: If properly maintained, choppers, panels or furniture can be used for life. These can be reconditioned or recycled.


Studying the natural and dynamic structure of the natural ecosystem of beech forests has a strategic importance for the European and Romanian forest fund, due to the importance of beech forests in Europe (approximately 12 million ha), representing an important resource both for timber production and for biodiversity conservation and environmental protection.¬†Beech dominance in Europe’s forests is on the rise as a result of climate change and return to natural vegetation due to sustainable management based on natural forest dynamics.


Steaming and drying

They represent basic activities in the production stream that are made with modern enclosures, equipped with special computers that ensure the control of every stage of the whole process.

Line panels

The production hall is equipped with modern and high-performance equipment that ensures high productivity, the flow of panels processing including specialized machines such as: four sides, finger jointed, high frequency current press, calibration machine and CNC.