Kitchen chopping boards and beech panels to the desired dimensions

We offer a wide range of beech wood products to satisfy any wish, moreover we can produce any type of beech wood product you need. You can send us details about the size and color of the products, or we can choose them together. Beech wood choppers and panels can have different colors or can be treated with oils. The oil gives a reddish color to the wood. According to your taste, you can give up the oil and the products will be white. After setting the concept, we transform the ideas into your new custom product!

We can produce any type or shape of beech wood chips, or personalised chopping boards. Also, we can make any size of beech panels or furniture on request.


We produce personalised chopping boards by:

1. Laser engraving – we burn shredders with laser to perform this type of engraving. Due to the limitations of the machine, we can only engrave  one of the sides of the chopper.

2. Heavy iron engraving – we use a stamp with company logo or image. In this process, we apply an incinerated iron, which is burned on wood. We do this type of engraving manually, and there may be some differences from one scissor to another due to the person who runs the hot iron. This procedure has the advantage of being able to squeeze the edge of the chopper.

Other engraving types are available on request

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