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Beech Panels

Our beech panels can be used either as kitchen worktops or for other purposes, depending on clients’ needs. Their length can go ...


Butcher Blocks

Beech butcher blocks are chefs’ and butcher’s first choice, due to the long-lasting durability of beech wood. During the cutting or chopping ...

Wooden Panels, Butcher Blocks made of beech wood

Why did we choose beech wood for our products? The study of the natural and dynamic structure of the natural ecosystem of beech forests has a strategic importance for the European and Romanian forest fund.  Why is that so? Due to the importance of beech forests in Europe (approximately 12 million ha). These represent an important resource both for timber production and for biodiversity conservation and environmental protection. Beech dominance in Europe’s forests is on the rise as a result of climate change. The increase is also due to returning to natural vegetation because of sustainable management based on natural forest dynamics.

The wood needed to produce panels and small furniture comes from managed forests according to international requirements and standards. The manufacturing process is environmentally friendly because we use state-of-the-art technology to protect the environment. Wood resources are carefully managed. Thus, the sawdust and wood remains left behind by the production process are used as caloric energy for heating. 

What about the product life? If properly maintained, wooden panels and butcher blocks can be used for life. These can be reconditioned or recycled.

Over 25 years of experience in industry

PRINCO GRUP S.A. was founded in 1991, being a medium sized company, with a wholly private capital. We exceed in finger jointed panels, kitchen shavings and small furniture made of beech wood production. Our company creates kitchen cutting boards, wooden panels and small furniture. We offer a wide range of kitchen cutting boards of beech wood to cut fruit, vegetables or meat. Beech wood cutting boards for kitchen or serving food are the best choice.

Through the accumulated experience and continuous qualification of the staff, PRINCO GRUP S.A. has become one of the leading producers and exporters of shavings and panels in Romania. We export more than 90% of the production to countries in Europe, America and Asia. Production PRINCO GRUP S.A. relies on new technologies in line with environmental and quality assurance requirements. We respect the European standards. All the raw materials used in the production process are in compliance with the European regulations in force. We use recyclable packaging. Also, we carry the insignia corresponding to each type of internationally established material. For more information about us and our products, write us.